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    Wink ask for information

    Message from banned user deleted.

    Last edited by 5jj; 12-May-2012 at 23:55.

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    Re: ask for information

    I am not privy to the reasons why your first account was banned but I think, for example, the information in your member profile won't help your chances this time either. You claim that your home country is Angola, that your native language is Arabic and you are currently based in Aruba.

    1) The national language of Angola is not Arabic.
    2) All three of those start with "A" which makes it appear that you simply picked three answers from the top part of the list of chances.
    3) For some reason, I just don't think you are in Aruba (the moderators will be able to see your IP address so they will know if this is true or not).

    It does not encourage us to trust or help anyone on this site if it appears that they are not being truthful about their most basic details.

    There are many ways of studying English alone but it is difficult. It is not a question which can be answered easily or quickly. This forum is designed for specific questions regarding particular individual problems with the language (a grammar issue, vocabulary etc).

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