dear all,
please help me in criticizing this....this is a synopsis of Betrayal, a short story by ME.

Betrayal: synopsis

The father killed his son and betrayed him by doing opposite of the agreement made between both of them… he swore to him that one day you will pay for it. Then…he is grinded into pieces.
Decades later,
A boy named Watson, searches for the truth of his family, as he was known that his family was butchered. He found a scroll and did not understand what it said so he threw it away. He hunted a bear and went back to the village, they ate it and slept, but when he wakes up, everyone is dead. The storm was coming on his side as well as wolves. They hunted him down, transformed into odd shaped humans and said ‘for to hide the truth’ and drowned him under the soft earth.
Years later,
He mastered the fire, that helped him to come out from the grave, and he swore to himself that he would find the truth and hunt him/her down who knows it.
He is offered a job of hunting and that he does, he went with some other hunters to the top of mountain where everything was freezing cold. They traced a bunch of bloodhounds and those bloodhounds killed them all except Watson who killed them.
He was on the way back when a Dracula-detective came into his way and confined him as a murderer of the other hunters and of the bloodhounds. He was gone, in prison forever.
It was then he realized he was still a master of fire and then he used it to cut down the prison rods and to be free once again. He searched for the man he loved the most, his grandfather. He went to him and came to know that he was not grandfather but a step grandfather. He killed his father for pride, and to do something illegal and not for money. He was to bring the Dracula back to lives but when he found out that Watson himself was a Dracula, he is at the mercy. The room in which he killed his step son, was the same room he died in. Watson drunk his blood but thought he would be a threat to humans as he also now carry bad blood. Therefore, he killed himself and freed his father’s soul. Both rested in peace after that.