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    Talking Comments and Corrections for Lesson Plan

    Dear Teacher,

    I have a lesson plan about vocabulary of personal character traits or 45 minutes.

    I'd like to have your comments and corrections about it so that I can use it to teach in my class.

    Thank you for your attention and your help.

    The lesson plan :

    • Level : Multilevel

    • Lesson Length : 45 minutes

    • Objective : Teaching vocabulary of character traits.

    • Assumed knowledge ( the structure that all your students have known but they don’t know the vocabulary of character traits )

    - Simple present tense
    - Simple past tense

    • Anticipated problems

    1. Problems with sentence structures and order of words.

    E.g. : She daily is helpful.

    2. Students may try to put the preposition 'to' before the word used.

    E.g. : I never to be rude.

    3. There may be confusion using the negative and certain adverbs.

    E.g. : I don't never lie.

    • Solutions

    - Make it easy for everybody to understand, take it a slow but not at a fast pace so you can cover the important detail in the amount of time.

    • Preparations and aids

    - Black / white board, picture handouts, flash cards of the characters,
    - Pictures on one side and word on the other side.
    - Gap sheets exercises.
    - Writing exercises.

    • A step – by – step plan of the entire lesson including the timing of each stage. Remember to follow the PPP sequence : From Presentation, through Controlled Practice to Freer Practice ( Production ).

    Lesson plan :

    Warmer :

    Start the lesson by playing a game like Miming with the teacher miming or mimicking an action and getting the students to guess what he is doing or what the action describes. After miming or mimicking a few actions he can ask students to take turns miming actions and get the other students to guess.
    T-S 5 minutes.

    Lead in :

    Ask students what they know about their friends' character traits ? The kind of characters their friends' have. T-S 5 minutes.

    E. g. :
    What do you think of Manny's personality ?

    Presentation :

    1. Present the target language

    Set context. Introduce the new set of words of character traits to the students by writing it on the board. Elicit the words of personal character traits and get across the meaning by doing some scenarios. Elicit and drill the words until they understand it. T-S 5 minutes.

    Elicit ( or model at Beginner level ) the statement first, e.g. :
    “ Isabelle is an intelligent student. "

    Then elicit the question form, e.g. :
    “ Do you think Isabelle is an intelligent student ?

    2. Concept check

    The teacher checks whether the students understand the meaning of the vocabulary by using concept check questions. T-S 5 minutes.

    For example :

    - What do you call a kind of personality that likes to help other people ?
    ( e.g. : helpful )

    - What is the opposite of coward ? ( e.g. : courageous )

    3. Drill

    Drill the students to use the vocabularies in new sentences. Drill them chorally and individually. T-S 5 minutes.

    E.g :

    - Mark is a stubborn boy.
    - Alicia Silverstone is a tall, beautiful, blond - hair girl.
    - Mr. Sheldon is a friendly neighbor.
    - Is Mary an independent girl ?

    4 Target language ( list the words you will teach )

    Tell the class that we are going to learn about characteristics of students in language school. The character traits are written on the board. The students would know and able to use the words of character traits in sentences, such as :

    • Honest - telling the truth
    • Stubborn - won't listen to others ideas
    • Helpful - assists when needed
    • Hard – worker - finishes tasks
    • Polite - says please, thank you, excuse me
    • Rude - will not apologize, interrupts

    Controlled speaking practice :

    Get students to do a role play / pair work or gap fill about character traits. The teacher checks for any mistakes / misunderstandings and group correct after. S-S 5 minutes.

    For a role play / pair work, the teacher will need to think of such situations and bring out the character traits through actions / demonstrations. The teacher can use role play / pair work with pairs of students to bring out the trait and its opposite. Since there are different proficiency levels, the teacher can put the class into groups where there are mixed of the stronger students and the weaker ones in each group. Make both the high proficiency students and the lower proficiency ones enact the scenes according to their role. This way the entire class will be involved and interacting together.

    E.g. Gap fill :

    The teacher likes Jenny because she is a / an ____________ student.
    ( E.g. : clever )

    When I met Harvey, he was very _____________. Now, he is more talkative.
    ( E.g. : quiet ).

    Controlled speaking practice :

    Conduct a question and answer session, put questions like, ” what is it to be level-headed ? ” , “ who is fair in the polo game ? ”

    T-S 5 minutes.

    E.g. Role play / pair work :

    You are a bus driver. A rich man leaves his wallet in bus. What will you do ?

    Student 1 : Keeps wallet." Dishonest "
    Student 2 : Returns wallet to owner. " Honest "

    Plenary :

    Monitor to check for any misunderstandings and correct errors that were over heard during the practice activity together. T-S 5 minutes.

    Production / freer practice :

    Get students to use the target language in a freer way, like talking about someone's personality traits. This could be by milling activity. T-S 5 minutes.

    For example :

    Student 1 : I like to study with Jason because he is smarter than Kevin.
    Student 2 : Yes, I think he is. But I prefer to study with Sheila because she is kinder than Kevin.

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    Re: Comments and Corrections for Lesson Plan

    You haven't identified any potential problems with the language to be taught- the vocab itself.

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