Every person has special reasons from attending in school or university. Preparation for getting a good job is the most popular reason between the people. There are also several other important reasons such as increasing knowledge, new experience in different fields, and being familiar with different culture and people.
Thanks to limited position for job and in other side increasing the number of unemployed people, getting a good and reasonable job involves having compatible education and experience with the interesting career. To achieve these purposes the best method is attending in college or university. Without doubt this reason is the most important reason of people from pursuing their education.
The one of the most significant reason from attending in college or university is being familiar with new culture and new people. For example in my country, because there are not enough positions in university corresponding to the number of persons that eager to attend in university, every year several of thousands of people have to go abroad to pursue their education. Certainly, in abroad they have been familiar with new people and culture.
In short, everyone has some personal reason from attending in university, but accepting new experience, career preparation and being familiar with new culture are most popular reasons.