Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research, while others think they should spend more time educating students. What is your view?
With the improvement of standard of living condition, an increasing number of people will pay more antention to eduaction. In fact, this question highlights the moral dilemma that great many professor are facing for: when given the choice of spending time on doing research or teaching students, which would be the prudent choice. Flustered, it took me several hours to come to the conclusion that if I faced with this quandary, I would prefer focusing on education.
There are subsantial reasons which I will try to emphasize. The first one I want to put forward is that professor can win respect from students and gain much more reputation, which will result in attracting more top students to attend his/her class. As a result, it surely gives professors a sense of satisfaction and motivation. Generally speaking, seldom can people reject the happiness feeling when we are popular and consequently professors will spend more time on education because of the credict from students. In fact, in my opinion, that will benefit both students and professors. Therefore, the importance of education can never be exaggerated.
Another reason I cannot ignore is that students would benefit a lot if professors spent more time on teaching. students can have better understanding of the theories they have learnt in classroom. Life abounds with such example, when I was in high school, I learned mathematics just because it was compulsory. I learned a large number of formulas and used the formulas to answer the questions which had nothing to do with my real life, I just learned it for passing the exams. Last year, I opened my own bank account and I had some understanding about the interest rate. I began to wonder if I deposit a certain amount of money in the bank, how much extra money I can get. Then I suddenly remembered I had learnt a formula which can be applied to counting. After this practice, I started to consider more about the relation between abstract theories and my real life. But now, I totally understand my counting interest and how to use account knowledge into my real life with the help of my professor.
Nevertheless, every coin has two sides. Granted professors spending much time on education can lead to much advantages, but no one can deny that putting time on doing research also has some slight merits. For example, doing research can earn a considerably deal of money, and school can use these money into other fields including scholorship and improving the equipment.
With all the reasons I explained above, it is apparent to draw the conclusion that it is more essential for professors to spend time on teaching students. That is to say that not only can professors gain high reputation, but also students can benefit a lot.