Would you mind checking my essay, please! Very appreciate for that!
Does it so long if it's the speaking task 2 in IELTS test?
A friend I love and esteem is …. She has been being my classmate since we were in our initial days of university. She gives an impression with pretty simple but very lovely and agile in everything she does.
When I felt strange to new teacher, new school, new friend.. three years ago, she was the first one talking to me and dispersing the distance among members of new class. Then, there was unusual that I and … came to a same house in a same time to find an available room for rent to live in four years later. So we say that destiny brought us to come and live together.

She always drives the atmosphere become joyful with her humor. Until now, we have known each other for three years and have spent nearly all the time together since we are classmate and roommate.

We go to school every morning on the street filled with gentle early sunshine. That brings me an agreeable felling which I really love. Learning with her is also interesting! Whenever I need help, she teaches me in a special way that I can not distract or fell sleepy. If having spare time, we usually tiding up our room or cooking. Sometimes we create a recipe that we could not eat, it’s funny!

She has many characters that made us be close friends. She always respects her friends even they are not so clever or good at some subject, On the contrary she encourages and help me very much. Moreover, I could confide in her when sadness occurs. She will tell joke or simply keeps quiet to share with me, so that I can be mollified.

I am very glad that I have her for my best friend. I know that I can count on her for anything.