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Please correct the following two paragraph. I am open to all the suggestions to imrove my writting..


For a past few days my son, Ishank who is going to be 8 this summer was working hard to surprise me on this mother’s day. I knew he was making a card for me. He restricted me to enter his room for a few days before the mother’s day. I was also pretending to complain him that how sad I am as he has not planned anything this year for mother’s day. I also reminded him a few times that earlier when he was in preschool, he used to make mother’s day card just like her little sister did this year. I was amazed to see his patience, he was still not disclosing his surprise and making me realize that he is no more interested to give me any greetings this year on Mother’s day. I woke up in this morning (mother’s day), my husband closed my eyes and ask Ishank to bring my surprise. I opened my eyes and astonished to see his imagination in making this beautiful card. To my great surprise he wrote the message, “Happy mothers day” in Hindi. He had been in India recently and somehow was too much into learning how to write Hindi. My husband again closed my eyes and there was one more greeting lying in front of me, which he prepared in the school.
After seeing these two greeting I was feeling delighted but somehow I felt a deep sorrow as he didn’t write a single word to express his love towards me except wishing me a “Happy mother’s day” in two languages Hindi and Englsih. I could see this card merely as his passion to create something new and to write something in Hindi Before I could indulge further in my thoughts; my husband again closed my eyes for one more surprise. It was a book of a few leaflets with a cover page of a cryon painting of my face. I again indulge with my thought forever…at least for the whole weekend. I had to drive to take my Sunday morning class and his words were creating a soothing ripples in my mind(I want to express something like this but unable to get this sentence better than this one)..…every single sentence he wrote about me was like he knows me for a long time.


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