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    How to describe a product?

    In terms of describing a product, could you please help me to check a few words and sentences? Thanks a lot.

    1. outline or perimeter
    Assuming a diameter of a circular components is 7mm and this components is very simple. I want to point this outside 7mm line.
    Eg: The adhesive tape should be assembly to the back surface of this components. Therefore, it should be at least 0.3mm smaller than the outline/perimeter of the product for avoiding any overflow issue. (I'd use perimeter, right?)

    2. shape or geometry
    Eg: The shape/geometry of this product is similar to a rectangle. (I think both are acceptable, right?)

    3. The dimension for this rectangle is 3cm*2cm. (can 3cm*2cm be replaced with 3cm by 2cm?)
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