This is my essay about violence in films nowadays, I would be really really grateful if you could correct and comment . Thank you very much !!!

Topic: Many people believe that the high levels of violence in films today are causing serious social problems.

What are the problems and how could they be reduced?

It is true that scenes of violence in films nowadays have been increasing dramatically in number, which causes many problems to a community. There are several solutions to the situation and both governmental and parental tools are needed.

High levels of violence in modern films can result in some undesirable effects on societies. First and foremost is the issue of negative impacts they create on children’s mental health. In the United States, for example, the lack of restrictions on content has led to cable TV programs with more adult-oriented content which includes not only violence but also strong language and even pornography. As a result, children exposed to these contents should be easily affected and imitate bad actions. An other point worth mentioning is that the increase of violent content in films these days may support an aggressive lifestyle and many moral values can be lost. That is to say, when people watch too much violent movies, they can be obsessed and alternate their points of view. Possibly communities could be full with inhumanity and selfishness.

Several solutions should be agreed on to tackle the problems mentioned above. Firstly, so as to prevent the exposure of the underage to violence on screen, parental tools are inevitable. Parents need to control what their children are watching while at the same time teaching them on basic ethical values in life. Secondly, laws should be promulgated to restrict contents deemed unsuitable for young children at certain times and extra fees tacked on to limit the access of a community as a whole to programs featuring unhealthy activities.

In conclusion, it is clear that aggressive content in filmdom has reached an alarming level, causing various negative effects on our cultures. However, these problems can be tackled by close surveillance exercised by adults and tight regulations introduced by the authorities.