hey my name is Lina, i'm from Egypt, i'm filling an application for summer school in Germany and there's a question about hobbies and interests, so
can anyone check my letter for English correctness? I will also grateful if somebody can tell me is it a good one? thank u for reading :)

my letter:

Throughout my time before and during university years I've developed many sports and interests.

Sports I've been involved in are football and ice skating, in which I've played for my school team in France for 2 years, tennis where I played for a couple of years in Egypt.
I also enjoy gymnastics and jogging to be physically active all the time.

Another of my interests is music, i used to play flute with my school orchestra in France, as we participated in lots of concerts e.g. the "Music Festival" held in Paris. And when I have the time, I teach myself how to play songs that I like on piano.

Am interested in social activities as well, specially volunteering in charity work, thatís what encouraged me to join social organizations like Resalah association for charity work and UAC ( university advisory committee ), where there are beside the charity work; book club(at which we choose a book to read then we discuss it together) and conversation club(at which we choose a specific topic to discuss it with native Americans).

i also like attending lectures in other fields as i attended presentations about soft skills and body language held at the American Center in Alexandria.

Surfing internet is one of my interests too, as it keeps me connected to the entire world.