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    ----------------- Problem -----------------------------------------------
    Baseball, the only major professioal sport during the Great Depression, was as present as the weather, and as much discussed

    A. same as the original/underlined one
    B. present like the weather was, and it was also discussed as much
    C. as present and was discussed as the weather was
    D. so present as to be discussed like the weaher
    E. presend and dicussed as often as the weather was

    The right option as given in Prinston is option A.

    I have confusion between A and E options here & I kinda like the E option better. Please tell me why I should not prefer E over A?
    My thoughts:
    A. -> "a sport as present as weather" -- I'm not sure if presence of wheather and game can be compared like this
    B. -> Wrong | "like the weather was" - "as" sounds more appropriate instead of "like" here
    C. -> Wrong | "was" i unnecessary before discussed
    D. -> Wrong | "as to be" - wrong
    E. -> this sound most appropriate of the options above. it says that the sport was present and it was discussed as often as the weather was

    Please explain why one should choose option A over option E.

    Thank you!
    ~ DA

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    Re: Comparisons

    E only tells you that baseball was present. It does not say that baseball was "as present as the weather." It says that it was discussed as often as the weather was discussed.

    "Present as the weather" in the original is showing how ubiquitous baseball was.

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