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    Please advice if it is correct or not.

    My payment has been held by my bank for incomplete account but tittle of account is correct.My bank wanted a clarification and gurantee that is payment is belong to me and I am absulate owner of this remittance. So here is my draft letter which will send to my bank.
    Re: account # 1253-1254-01
    Dear banker,

    Please refer to your email dated 20th April 2012, with advice for providing the complete account number from remitter. In this connection I would like to say that I usually receive my payment for the same account number for a long time but you changed the account digits from 4 to 10. Please note that I have already informed the remitter and insured me to write my 10 digits account number instead of 4.

    I hereby undertake that if the remitter has failed to mention the full details bank account # you would have hold our payment in future. I also undertake I am absolute owner this amount and this amount fully belong to me. No one can claim this amount in future.

    I, therefore request you the amount of $10,000/- may be transferred the above mentioned account which is held by you for incomplete account number.

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