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Our future is hard to predict, but what I can state exactly is that some of us will tie our occupation with public relations. Obviously, this sphere is recent in our country, and a typical philistine imagines it as a business of white-washing agents whose aim is to conceal the unpleasant truth, distort the information spoiling someone’s reputation, and to present facts in the best possible way. Some other people – mostly youngsters- imagine PR as glamour, parties, rich and famous people and high life, almost an eternal festival. Therefore, making our first steps and climbing up the career ladder in PR-field we will have to struggle through these myths and stereotypes. This is because the work of a PR – practitioner, I mean a professional PR-man, suits neither of these descriptions.
There is no doubt that this sphere is hard to define because PR-specialists have to undertake a great variety of responsibilities from management of communications to product publicity and research. But such breadth of scope makes the profession even more interesting and exciting, and I see two reasons for it: firstly, a pr-specialist has a chance to try different areas of responsibility and find his own niche in the field; secondly, every day he meets new people, faces new perspectives, solves new problems being free of monotonous routine.
Moreover PR-profession is a challenging sphere demanding great devotion and a strong desire to work. It is necessary, for a PR-specialist should identify himself with the organization and its informational policy which is quite difficult. That is why PR-profession requires from a practitioner many professional skills, sound and solid education as well as those personal traits of character which determine the specialist’s ability to adapt to changing situations or work under the constant pressure. It is not enough only to be interested in people and be able to have a small talk; skills in writing articles is also too little for a good PR-man. He should be able to fulfill these activities in combination and not forget about flexibility, tact and diplomacy either while speaking to a new customer and writing press-releases.
PR-profession as a working place of a middleman: a PR-specialist is a linking unit between the organization and its customers, senior management and junior staff, the boss and the media, the headquarters and the branches. It is a PR-practitioner whom all the communication processes and reputation of an organization depend on. Excellent communication skills, strong will, politeness and goodwill are the requisite skills for an unrivalled professional. And another point: frankly, sometimes the work becomes a routine, but this occupation does not bear rote thinking, it is inappropriate in any case. The more professional the practitioner is, the more unconventional alternatives he offers.
PR-profession is not an easy matter. Maybe some graduates from the university will consider it above their bend, but those who are firmly certain about PR’s becoming an integral part of their life, will find a world of creative decisions and original ideas, of bright professionals and trustworthy colleagues. I suppose that the lucky ones who plunge in this field of activity will hit the jackpot!