Hi all! I am new to this forum, but I've seen there are a lot of kind and helpful people here, and I hope some of you will be kind enough to advice me. I'm Italian (more or less...), and I need to send a letter of motivation for a master course in Germany, after my B.A. Could you please (please!) check it for any grammar errors or weird sentences in English?

Thank you so much!

Here it comes:

I hereby apply for entrance to the Master Programme of International Economics at ***, starting in October 2012, about which I learned from the *** University website. This semester I will graduate at ***, in Economics and Social Sciences, an undergraduate course that is an extremely valuable base for a Master programme like the one offered by *** in Berlin.
My course of study will provide me with a wide range of methodological instruments, such as Quantitative Methods for Economics (advanced mathematics and statistics) and Econometrics, but also a deep theoretical knowledge of economic models, rare to find in so great measure in any other undergraduate level course, thanks to several programmes like Industrial Policy, two modules of Microeconomics (basic and advanced), Alternative Economic Models and Economic policy, the last one kept by two among the most famous Italian economists, ********. Since I’m very interested in history and social sciences, and being the editor in chief for ***, an Italian newspaper that deals with foreign policy, which means I have to keep constantly up to date with international events, I tried to expand my knowledge through several courses in economic history, a course in sociology and another one in international relations. The study path I choose made me develop an extremely conscious and open minded attitude, and the firm belief that the study of economic sciences is a powerful tool for a better understanding of the world we are living in.
This is the reason why I find that the *** Master in International Economics is a well balanced, highly stimulating programme that will further improve my skills and ability to understand the process of globalization from a scientific perspective.
Last but not least, my deep love for history, and the multicultural and multilingual contest I grew up in (being a born Serbian risen in Italy from the age of five), had a great impact over my attitude and sensibility towards different cultures: the possibility to experience life abroad in direct contact with German culture is a challenge and an opportunity I wouldn’t miss for anything in the world. Having spent my holidays in Berlin, last year, I fell in love with this youthful and culturally rattling capital.
Being absolutely sure that I would represent a valid, enthusiastic element in your university, I hope you will consider my application.