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    Red face How do we simplify these sentences..

    Dear all,
    Kindly advise me on this:
    1. "1 medical attendant, 1 clerk, and 1 play leader
    Can I write "one medical attendant, clerk and play leader, respectively"
    2. The children were from of various types of malignancies such as leukemia, lymphoma, hepatoblastoma, and others.
    The underline words sound weird to me but I do not know how to improve it.
    Based on the Annual Report in 2009, almost all patients were admitted and the number has increased or had increased or has been increased or has been increasing over the years..Which one is correct?
    I am looking forward for a positive response from all of you.

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    Re: How do we simplify these sentences..

    1. I advise 'one medical attendant, one clerk and one play leader'.

    2. The children were suffering from various types of malignancies. . . .'

    3. 'has increased' or 'has been increasing' could both be correct.


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