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    IT build vs handoff

    Hello, there.

    I heard the word handoff with the meaning of a build, i.e. a piece of software being built in order to be executed and finally see the result of that execution. So, while I understand why it is called a build, I am a little confused about a handoff. What that could mean? Is that like something coming out from somebody's hands?

    If you could, please correct any mistakes you might find in this post.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: IT build vs handoff

    You have to "build" software in order for the various component parts to all work together, in order for there to be a final executable program.

    A "handoff" is simply the transfer of something from one group to another. Maybe after a group builds the software, they always then hand it off to the next group in the process, so the words have grown to be used interchangeable in this group.

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