December 31th 2100.
The last day in the 21st century. I'm X, the person who was born in the 20th century. How I can stay alive in such long time? Today, all I will tell is about that.This story has remained hidden for over 100 years.

In the 19th century, DNA was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher. Then, scientists were thinking if humanity could change its own DNA and make it more perfect. Based on DNA, new technology has been created -clone. It's by using the organism's cell and using DNA information in the cell to man-made the life. After this technology comes out, whole world was arguing about that. Will clone helping our life? If we can make a baby by using such technology why God will create man and woman? And if those 'live' were man-made, how we can call them? Were they good or human like us? All people were worried about that new technology, but also interest on if it can help for treatment by using man-made life's organs to change the organs broken or should be retired. Then our life will be prolonged.

This argument continues for a long time. By through the 0923th, 0924th amendments to the Constitution. Legally, utilizing Clone by developing human health been proved. People started using clone and save the life.

Nevertheless, only few people know the fact. The clone man was made in the man-made uterus. After it has been made, they put it in the special liquid and they will grow in the container till when someone needs their body or organs. Doctors will take part of the organ which they want, then discard the rest of the body because freshness is important for the organs. Also they have plenty of those 'man'.

If someone asked me do they have a brain? Probably I would say yes. As I know they are as same as a real human. Comprehensive health body, complete brain, could see, smell and even talk. Nothing difference between us. Only difference is we were born from our moms' and they were born from a machine, cold lifeless machine. They are items.

There is the story about it. That was long long ago. The man-made human (SN: XCT69) was accidently woke up in the container. Nobody knows that. And I surely he was saw all things the doctor did for his friends. He just keeps watching and watching. Nobody noticed he were waked. On a darkness night, when all people left, he broke out and escaped. That caused very big trouble. No people want the public knows what happened in those man-made human. It's sounds so evilly and inhuman for them. But because of the future and the human developing, we have to do that. XCT69 was hiding for a long time. And try to say the truth. One day when he was in the public square and to say the truth. The sniper gave him a head shot. All the public knew is: This guy is incredibly evil terrorist, who murdered hundreds of people. Later, people forgot the XCT69. Everything was turned to 'normal'.

All I saying today is because of moral conscience. Also because I'm a human. One of the secret nobody knows: When XCT69 waked, there was the other man-made human awaked, that's me—XCT70. We are face to face for a long time. And XCT69 helped me escaped.