someone said its not looks like film review. and is word choice and grammar use correct? so any idea? Thank you very much

The film, District9 will make you think. Aliens are presented without food, living in a backward country, and also chased by the people. I wonder what the District9 could be, such as aliens fighting for their food seizing a city. But instead the aliens were fighting for food and freedom. They use their high technological weaponries to swap small amounts of cat food. The only alien leader Christoper and his best friend were planning to leave the earth and save their people then go back home.

The movie started with the scene of the MNU office and Wikus who works for the MNU. He was introducing what the MNU do to a local TV station for making a television documentary about the District9. It shows how the MNU work in District9 and how they are 'friendly' with the aliens by saying such things as: Excuse me. This is our land, will you leave. Documentary style is one of a special style in this movie. History about the District9 and news footage from TV made it look real.

Is the MNU actually friendly with the aliens? The answer from me is no. Why would the government want to use that much money to relocate aliens? I think maybe in District9 they have too many secrets so they do not want people know that. Thus, they need to relocate aliens then delete District9. By following the MNU force's truck entry to District9, the huge district gate was left open, the rocket and snipers stood by, with security cameras watching the whole action going. All those things proved my guess--big secret is hidden in District9.

All the MNU want is aliens' high technological weaponries, but actually it doesn't work for humans. Therefore, the question is: having the high technological weaponries why do aliens live under the big dangerous, instant of fighting with humans for earning freedom.

As we know from lots of aliens' movies, aliens have been written as dangerous, frightening, and devilish beings. They come to earth and overtake it by slaughtering the entire human race. That is different from the District9 aliens and most of the alien movies that we have seen. Inhumanity in this movie is vital.
Through District9, we can see the aliens being chased at all the times. People are inhumane to the aliens.Imagine if you were alien, and no one is friendly to you. They are constantly abusing, fighting and killing you. The life is hard for all aliens on the Earth. To live in a place that is not your home or even your planet. How lonely and helpless they must feel. This setting makes me pity them. I thought if I were them, I would try to fight with the person who did these bad things for me. Also important are their honour and freedom. I think that is the most important thing for someone who lives in this world. Because without honour, you will lose yourself. No one will have respect for you. You will become a useless person in society. People will ignore you, even chase after you.
Also, about freedom, but freedom doesn't mean you get to do anything you want. It means that you could say no to the things you don't want to do. That's freedom. All life living on this world has the right to be free. Birds free to fly in the sky, fish free to swim in the water. The right to live peacefully on this planet, that is whole animals' freedom. Whoever you are, wherever you live, you have the right to be free, and that includes alien life.
I'm thinking why in District9 the aliens did not make big trouble for the humans. Maybe cause of different life styles, so they do things differently. We thought they rude or wild. On the contrary, the aliens think the exact same way about us. Probably our life habits are similar to theirs, so why do people chase after the aliens like chase after a homeless dog? Or even worse?