Careers Conf: Vancouver Hall; Friday- Sunday ,9am -6am; Exhibition- over 100 different jobs; Talks on wide range of careers; Experts available to give advice

Notes on students' views: exhibiton great; some talks good; not enough people to answer questions; better for science studente than language or history students

To: College Principal
From: Student Grec Florin
Topic: Career Conference

The aim of this report is to present the Careers-Conference held last weekend at Vancouver Hall,Vancouver.It will also outline the positive aspects of this event and some recommendations for next year's edition.

Conference programme

It was opened on Friday at 9 a.m. and the opening ceremony was started by the mayor who expressed his admiration for such an event.After this, teachers and student form all over Canada were invited to share their thoughts and expectation towards.Sunday was the last day of conference and everyone presented their points of view and,even made some suggestions in order to help the organisers to prepar better.


Everthing was well prepared and there was a great variety of jobs- over 100 specific posts at our utmost important Canadian companies.In addition, important personalities from different fields of activity chose to participate in order to give competent advices to students.However,their number was short therefore many problems remained unclarified.Despite this, I have to admitt that a wide range of careers was covered by discussions,including sales,management,banks,academic field, engineering and IT.Moreover, the predominant subject of talks was science;me and my colleagues learnt a lot about this whereas history and foreign language remained almost untouched.

On the basis of the points mentioned above,it would seem that the conference was a real succes and we managed to enrich our knowledge about science.However,my recommandation for the forthcoming exhibitions would be to send in more students form science department as those have the more to gain.I would also suggest to send our feedbacks to the organisers of the exhibition.

How high should be my score? how many points out of 20? Thank you!