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    Peddle escapist fantasy

    India has witnessed extraordinary growth and the realities of life for many have improved dramatically in recent times, but to the dismay of some of its critics mainstream Bollywood continues to peddle escapist fantasy.

    The most popular films in India are so-called masala pictures - diversionary fare delivering a combination of romance, comedy, action, melodrama, song, dance and nearly always an unrealistic happy ending.

    Some cultural commentators maintain the country's mainstream film industry produces fantasy because, despite improvements, many Indians still live under conditions of extreme poverty.

    Top Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor says: "We believe in escapist cinema. We like to get away from the harsh reality of things. We are constantly escaping the truth and looking for entertainment."

    What is the meaning of ' peddle escapist fantasy' ?

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    Re: Peddle escapist fantasy

    Not a teacher

    It means that the Indian movie industry sells, spreads escapist fantasy. Basically, the content of their movies does not match their reality. Escapist fantasy is a way to drive your attention out of the harsh reality.

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