The bit of brief background information necessary for this to make sense: I teach junior and senior English at a relatively small (~450 students 7-12) school in a rural area of the South. I have done so for three years and have taught Reed-Kellogg diagramming for two of those three years.

The crux of my dilemma: I have not found enough convincing evidence to support the usefulness of diagramming as an educational tool and, though its use has revealed to me the essence of English (any other languages), I do not now know if I will continue to teach it, or merely do as others: eschew my teaching of diagramming in favor of a more modern, worksheet-driven approach.

What I hope to find from you all, an arguably biased group: A confident, well worded argument in favor of remaining true to my linguistic roots. Maybe even a suggestion or two for livening up the delivery of the material. At this juncture anything will do.

Thank you,

J. Jones