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    anglepoise lamp

    anglepoise lamp
    LDCE: BrE trademark a type of lamp that can
    be moved into different positions
    I wonder what is the American equivalent.
    Thank you.

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    Re: anglepoise lamp

    It's a brand of lamp. the model is Anglepoise.

    The AmE equivalent is probably desk lamp.
    Not sure.

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    Re: anglepoise lamp

    I'd still probably call it a desk lamp unless I really needed to be that precise.

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    Re: anglepoise lamp

    Thank you very much, everybody.

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    Re: anglepoise lamp

    "Anglepoise" is virtually unknown (as far as I know) outside Britain. The American company that makes lamps almost identical to Anglepoise is Luxo, and they export all over the world. According to one source, "Luxo" is the generic name for this kind of lamp in America and the rest of the world, but I think an American will have to comment on that.

    I've had a quick look at the Luxo website, and nowhere can I find a term for the type of articulated lamp being discussed here -- they're just different types of lamp. Note that not all of them are desk lamps: some are wall-mounted, and there are even some floor-mounted models.

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