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    How Do People Say...?

    1) I want to make a question.
    This is the answer:
    Mr. Green is the 23rd president of the university.

    If we don't know the president and want to ask about him, we would use "who...". Now I'd like to ask about "23rd". I don't know he is the 23rd president. I want to know if Mr. Green is the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, or...

    Is it possible to ask such question in English? In Persian we use "Chandomin" which is a question maker refering to numbers.

    2) You have secretly done something your boss is not happy for. Now you tell your boss what you have done and he has to accept it, because he assumes the accepting it is better than refusing it after all.
    In Persian we say "to put someone in front of an accomplished job"
    Is there any equivalent in English?

    Thank you in advance,
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    Re: How Do People Say...?

    1-- this is always a contentious problem, but I think 'Which president was Mr Green?' works well enough.

    2-- 'put him behind the barrel', perhaps? 'Present him with an accomplished fact'? Those are the only phrases that springs to mind.

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