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    Smile grow to order?

    I read this in an article and I don't really understand what it means:

    It is now possible to conceive of a world in which new bacteria are designed on a computer and then grown to order.

    What does grown to order mean?


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    Re: grow to order?

    I would need a good deal more context to be able to interpret that statement. Genetics can do wonders as far as hybridization in plant cells, etc. goes. Do provide a bit more of the article if possible.

    Specifically, though, 'grown to order' would mean grown as you needed it or as you requested it. I live in a region of the world which is highly agricultural, and I know that seed manufacturers do produce (create?!) plants which are specifically engineered to be most successful in our climate.

    I hope that was helpful.

    J. Jones

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