Can anybody urgently help me improve the following letter?

Dear Madam/Sir,
Our association is Tianjiang-based, which is committed toproviding quality leisure and recreation activities to the youngsters withinthe district. Now, we are prepared to hold a rugby fun day for the youngminorities group on 15 Sep 2012 with an aim to promoting rugbyactivities within the district. As we understand that we are relatively shortof experience and knowledge about the management of rugby activities, wetruly need a help from a professional organization, like you, to makesuch significant activity happen.We do need your rugby coaches’ valuable advices on holdingthis rugby activity and your provision of various necessary rugbyequipments to facilitate the running of this activity and the safety of ourparticipants. If you would like to have a further discussionabout the arrangement of this activity, such as the total costs incurred fromthe provision of your rugby coaches and equipments, please feel free to contact me on1234-5678.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely
ABC Association

Thank you very much!