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    He has taken his rubrics into some novel arenas.

    Psychologist Samuel D. Gosling of the University of Texas at Austin is a leader in the field of assessing how well we evaluate others. He has taken his rubrics into some novel arenas. According to Gosling, it is not even necessary to be in the company of another person to make a reliable estimation about some of his or her traits; it is possible to get an impression by noting the personís external trappings.
    (Scientific American Mind; Volume 16, Number 3; Judging Amy and Andy)

    What does 'rubrics' mean here exactly?


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    Re: He has taken his rubrics into some novel arenas.

    It means his explanations in his previous books or articles, which he has now applied to some new areas. It is also possible that he has used the word previously in a special sense, to understand which you need to have more background knowledge about him and his work.

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