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    questions about meaning.

    I am not sure about what the following words or sentences mean exactly. Please explain it to me.

    1. Sisters turn bak to each other for a special affinity to the past. what does affinity mean here in this sentence? does it mean relatonship or what ?

    2. The far reaching link to the past is a powerful bond between siblings in later life. Again what does far-reaching link to the past exactly mean?

    3. Discussing the past evokes the warmth of early family life. It validate and clarifies events of the early years.what it indicates? and what does it mean by validate and clarifes events?

    4. what does the following sentence mean? - it is more acceptable in our society to look up or down the family ladder for help than sideways.-- what does it mean exactly to look up or down the family and what sideways mean here?

    5. Many peopole associate with the mere mention of their sisters and brothers. what does it mean? what exactly mere mention mean here?

    Please please explain !!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: questions about meaning.

    1-- affinity = a natural attraction or feeling of kinship
    2-- far-reaching link = emotional/mental connection to the distant personal past
    3-- talking about your past with siblings recreates those warm feelings; it confirms the reality of your former life and keeps them clear in your mind.'
    4-- it is better to turn to your parents or children ('up and down') than to your brothers or sisters ('sideways') for help.
    5-- Mere mention = simply their names. Many people react emotionally when they hear a sibling's name.

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