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    Accent Mark to fix my name


    My name is Polaris, and its pronounced Pol-a-ris. The 'a' is pronounced like the 'a' in apple but everyone pronounces it like the 'ar' sound in large. I want to use an accent mark over the 'a' to indicate its true pronounciation but don't know which one to use, can anyone help?

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    Re: Accent Mark to fix my name

    Polris ([ae], as in apple)

    What about Finnish or Swedish ? In Finnish it's always []; e.g. hn, [haen] "s/he ~ I seek", and in Swedish it's pronounced [] when directly preceding an r. But note that, German speakers will pronounce it as [e], as in hair.

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    Re: Accent Mark to fix my name

    If you are going to change your name to include a diacritical mark that not everyone may understand or pronounce correctly anyway, you might as well change the spelling to Polairus or Poleirus-- then at least you won't be troubled with trying to add the mark in different fonts and on different documents and internet sites.

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