Q:Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King had made contribution to United States.Name other world leader you think is important.Give specific reasons for your choice.
Ans:Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King who had made contribution to United States, same way Mahatma Gandhi had made contribution for freedom of Indian people. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the biggest freedom fighter in history. His original name was Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi. But due to his contribution to India, he became famous as Mahatma which means similar like God in India. Important thing is that he fights for freedom without any weapons. Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat, India. He had taken his law degree from London. At that time India wants freedom from British. He had started fight against British Government called "satyagrah". It was called "satyagrah" because he had fight against government without any weapon. He had asked people of India to avoid use of items made outside of India. Thus by avoiding British made items he had done damage to British Government’s economy. He had also started oppose by doing fast for many days to send his message to government. He advice people to bare physical damage made my British army but not to use any weapons to damage them physically. Secondly, He had travelled whole India during 4-5 years time by road or train. He had contacted as many people as possible to join fight for freedom. He had united people of India for freedom fight. He was sent to jail many times by British army. Even in jail also, He had started a news-paper to motivate people to continue freedom fight. Thus Gandhi had played very important part in freedom of India.
Gandhi had not only get freedom to India; He had also inspired people's personal lives. He had given two important points for life: 1] Truth 2] Non-violence. He had followed these two characteristic throughout his life. He had written his auto-biography called "My experiments with truth". Millions of copies of that book had been sold till now. He is counted as Father of Indian nation. On the other hand, Due to freedom fight he could not give much time to his family. Also some leaders at that time believe in violent fight for freedom. Few people are in opinion that, due to non-violent fight, it took much time to get freedom. Even after freedom Gandhi had done India and Pakistan separate nations. Due to that even today India and Pakistan do not have friendly relation. Lastly, Mahatma Gandhi was the only hero of Indian freedom fight. He had given his whole life to serve his nation. Even today, He is the father of Indian nation. He was one to the best freedom fighter in history.