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1.Introduction about the family background and employment
2. Education background – mentioned university and % secured.
3. Why Australia—go through the website general
4. whyJames cook university

6 why this course
7.How this course will help me
8. what is your future plan
9.who are the sponsors and how the funding is taken care of.

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I Karthigeyan Padmavathy Chidambaram completely agree with the statement, Quality Education is the key things to build up a suitable and sustainable career. Practical and pragmatic based career is quite impossible without simplicity, generosity, as well as truthfulness and obviously hard work and Therefore I strongly intended to pursue my higher studies and research.
I am from a middle class family, my father is a retired government employee and my mother is a home maker, I have two elder sisters and an elder brother, all my siblings are well educated and well settled. My parents are not well educated and they are not rich too. They dint give us a luxurious life, but they gave us studies to live a sophisticated life. With my solid foundation on sciences courses in high school allowed me to continue my studies in science.
The insight one may gain through the study of biology has such personal resonance that once understood it is impossible to look at life in the same way again. It is for this reason; the privilege of understanding, at least a small part of the processes that have lead to the evolution of life in all its complexities that I developed a passion for the biological sciences.
S - Something which
C - Can
I - Identify and
E - Explain
N - Natural or
C - Cataphysical (Un natural) things
E - Existing in world.
“Science is in everything and everything has a scientific explanation for it.”
Immediately after graduating from high school I enrolled at a college affiliated to Madras University, India for a Bachelors Degree in Bio Chemistry 2004 – 2007 where I have learned the Bio chemical Techniques which piqued my curiosity more toward Biology. I treasured every moment and every opportunity to gain new knowledge, which laid a solid foundation for my Post Graduate study. My academic record groups me among the top 9% in the class with 72% aggregate having passed with First Class Honours.
After the completion of my graduation, I was determined to continue in the field of life sciences. I wanted to focus upon a unique area of biology for my Post Graduation where I would be able to apply my knowledge in Biochemistry. I turned to the internet to aid in my decision and found Marine Biotechnology and its vast potential industrial applications suitable to my aim for Post-Graduate study 2008 - 2010. The real aspiration for research came at that time for me. I completed my post graduation course with a GPA of 8.3, ranking top in the class.
While laying a solid theoretical foundation, I have also made conscious efforts to improve my hands-on abilities.
Among many disciplines in Life science, the one which attracted me to do my research is MICROBIOLOGY. Microbiology is a broad term and it is researched actively, and this field is advancing continually. It is estimated only about one percent of all of the microbe species on Earth have been studied. Although microbes were directly observed over three hundred years ago, the field of microbiology can be said to be in its infancy relative to older biological disciplines.
We have more microbes in our bodies than we have human cells. We fear them as the cause of disease, yet we are reliant on them for many Industrial processes. “Without microbes life would grind to a halt”
Being a post graduate in Marine Biotechnology, I was fascinated much on the Marine Micro organisms.
Microbes account for more than 90% of ocean biomass and constitute a hidden majority of life that flourishes in the sea. The more surprising fact is that, much of this microbial life remains unknown because we cannot culture it in a plate or in a test tube and it is difficult to observe in nature.
More than 70% of the Earth is covered by ocean. When we think of life in the ocean we often think of fishes and whales, life that is visible to the naked eye, but we may be astounded to learn that most life in the ocean is microbial life.
Marine microbes play many important roles in the Earth system: they influence our climate, are the major primary producers in the ocean, dictate much of the flow of marine energy and nutrients, and provide us with a source of medicines and natural products.
When it comes to exploring marine microbial life, we are still very much in the age of discovery.
Today, my interest in science and research continues to grow, yet I still can't avoid my hunger to lifelong learning, especially one that will correlate to previous research. But first, I want to continue learning and educating myself in order to be on par with the finest and most talented researchers, professors, and students.
Time is changing and so is the way students are expected to learn. Pursuing a higher degree by research will open the door to further future research opportunities for me.
My Master and Undergraduate study programs have definitely supplemented my scientific knowledge and skills and the ethics required for the study of a higher degree.
I should certainly say this, School of Marine and Tropical Biology, James Cook University (JCU), is the ideal place I was looking for, to pursue my PhD. There were two main criteria which prompted me towards pursuing research at James Cook University; firstly, the project which I have intended always to research, especially in Marine related field.
Secondly James Cook University is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in Australia and it is one of the top universities in the world. Moreover the university is much famous for its research in Marine sciences.
It would really be a life time experience to be a part of JCU which is known for its inspiring and challenging environment with eminent scholars and diverse student community. This would sharpen my understanding and brighten my scope to pursue advanced research.
The main aim of my study is to use ANMEs as biofilters for the remediation of landfill-associated CH4 emissions and to study the exact mechanisms involved in anaerobic CH4 oxidation under the guidance of Dr. Kirsten Heimann, Associate Professor of School of Marine and Tropical Biology, James Cook University. It is my good fortune to have such an enthusiastic and learned scholar as my supervisor.
Nowadays global warming poses serious threats to the global environment ever faced in human history. Global temperatures are already higher than they have ever been in at least the past millennium, and the increase is accelerating even faster than scientists had predicted.
Methane (CH4) is considered as one of the important green house gases (GHG), emitted both by natural and human sources. Methane has a global warming potential 25 times that of carbon dioxide over a 100 year period. It is estimated that almost 90% which is equivalent to 5 to 60% of the global annual ocean sediment associated CH4 is released into the atmosphere and is oxidized anaerobically by methanotrophs. Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane (AOM) is considered to be a very important process for reducing the emission of the CH4 from the ocean into the atmosphere.
The exact mechanism of CH4 oxidation by Anaerobic methanotrophic (ANME) bacteria is still unknown and the use of ANMEs for the remediation of CH4 emanating from non marine areas like landfills is also poorly researched, despite the obvious potential.
I am confident that this PhD program will be the perfect bridge to build my career path and move forward professionally. I understand that I have to put in meticulous hard work and compete with the best in the world. I am ready to take on challenges as I believe that the opportunities are the ones that we create. To sum it up, I am keen to do that ‘extra mile’ of going beyond to make a difference.

My sponsor is formally associated with James Cook University. I have been offered a tuition fee waiver for my entire period of studies 2012 – 2015. I have applied for Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (AMCRC) scholarship and my scholarship for application is also successful, which will take care of my Living allowances for my entire period of stay over there.