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    Re: Pronunciation: food vs good

    /u:/ - food, boot, cool, google, moon
    /ʊ/ - look, good, wool, foot

    @5jj. It's interesting to me that you include "cool" in that group. I think that's what might be considered a Queensland pronunciation here, also school, pool etc. I hear my cool and most of the cools around me in Melbourne as being closer to a slightly longer "wool" sound, likewise in NZ.

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    Re: Pronunciation: food vs good

    Well, you are dealing with a vowel digraph < oo >. All vowel digraphs have multiple phonetic realizations. These realizations are not random, but are related. You also need to work out pre-r and pre-l environments separately.

    Check this

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    Re: Pronunciation: food vs good

    Quote Originally Posted by 5jj View Post
    Welcome to the forum, hagivn. That's just the way it is. English spelling has not reflected accurate pronunciation for centuries, I'm afraid.
    I couldn't agree with you more.

    For instance

    Keyboard ˈkiː bɔːd
    Cupboard ˈkʌb əd

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