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    brevity followed by intense listening

    Please make the following in red clear for me.

    When conversing with others... we should limit ourselves whenever possible to speaking for no more than twenty or thirty seconds. Even a single sentence can contain more than four chunks of information. Most people say, "But I need time to explain!" That may be true, but if you talk for several minutes, the other person's brain will only recall a fraction of what you've said, and it might not be the part you wanted to convey. The solution? Brevity followed by intense listening to make sure that the other person has grasped the key points of what you said. If they have, great! You can say another sentence. If not, why move on?

    Is this saying "speak briefly after listening intensely"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: brevity followed by intense listening

    Speak briefly before listening intensely.

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