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    capture the fancy

    1.What does this "fancy" mean here? "imagination" or "wish"?

    ex) If someone were to say “Life is a cup of coffee,” it is unlikely that you would have heard this expression before. But its novelty forces you to think about its meaning. The vehicle used, a cup of coffee, is a common object of everyday life and therefore easily perceivable as a source for thinking about that life. The metaphor compels you to start thinking of life in terms of the kinds of physical, social, and other attributes that are associated with a cup of coffee. For this metaphor to gain currency, however, it must capture the fancy of many other people for a period of time. Then and only then will its novelty have become worn out and will it become the basis for a new conceptual metaphor: life is a drinking substance. After that, expressions such as “life is a cup of tea, life is a bottle of beer, life is a glass of milk,” will become similarly understandable as offering different perspectives on life.

    → A new metaphor initially makes people ____refelect on____ its meaning; if it loses its novelty later by gaining ___popularity____, it will give birth to similar types of metaphorical expressions.

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    Re: capture the fancy

    "Catch the fancy of" is more common. I find it difficult to explain what it means exactly. "Impress pleasingly" is the best I can come up with and the dictionaries I have access to at the moment are of no help.

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