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    born into a noble Italian family

    1.What is the difference between "born in a family" and "born into a family"?
    2.What kind of "immediacy" do you think it is? A real, vivid image of portraits? I don't get what immediacy it means.
    ex)The best-known female artist of the sixteenth century,
    Sofonisba Anguissola, was born into a noble Italian family. Her mother died young, leaving her wealthy husband with five talented daughters. Unusual of the time, this liberal father gave his daughters a full classical education including painting. It was this enlightened attitude that enabled Anguissola to earn her own living as a portrait painter in the Spanish court and helped her to rise above the restrictions of her class and gender. In Three Sisters Playing Chess, Anguissola broke with tradition by concentrating on those scenes and models available to her, painting her sisters in a domestic setting. This gave the portrait an immediacy, which allowed the contemporary Italian art historian Vasari to attribute to her the development of the conversational portrait, as opposed to the formal frontal or profile portrait.

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    Re: born into a noble Italian family

    1. People are normally "born into" something, not "born in."
    2. I'm not sure, but it seems to be saying that painting common things like his sisters and scenery made his paintings less formal than what was common at the time.

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