Please I need my personal statement for CU scholarship edited. Many thanks.

My interest in science dates back to my years in secondary school, where I excelled in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I earned an A in both Chemistry and Biology in my Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). It seemed only logical that I pursue a career in science. I became fascinated by Chemical Biology when I took undergraduate courses in pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology. With the desire to become an academic of repute, I decided to choose Cardiff University because of its excellence in teaching and research, its state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding graduate community. However, due to financial constraint, my goal will only be realized if I am granted a postgraduate (taught) international scholarship by Cardiff University to pursue MSc in Chemical Biology.

I have striven for academic excellence and have won some awards which include Dr J.E Ojile Foundationís award for excellence, 2007; Funtofik Lab Limitedís award for academic excellence, 2009; Nakki award for best behaved student, 2009; and Community of Tiv Students dinner organized in my honour as a first class graduate. I have also had diverse experiences which have shaped my perspective towards relationships, work, academia, and the human condition. I am the third child in a family of five and the first to attend and graduate from the university. I lost my dad at an early age of ten years and I grew up with my uncle who was my sponsor until 2007, in the third year of my undergraduate study, he also gave up the ghost. Life became miserable for me as my mother was a complete housewife with no earnings. However, I was determined to succeed in life so I took loans, did menial jobs and sold some belongings to raise money to cater for myself and also pay tuition and other fees. Despite these challenges, I was able to maintain an excellent GPA allowing me to graduate with a first class. Wherever I live or study, I make it a priority to be involved in community service. During my undergraduate study, I was an active member of several clubs and served in different capacities. I was the secretary Community of Tiv Students (CTS); member of Editorial Team, National Fellowship of Christian Pharmacy Students (NFCPS); electoral agent, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS). Currently, I am a member of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and Benue Study Group. I have also done voluntary works which include taking tutorials to help students with difficulties understand and pass such courses, community clean-up and HIV voluntary counseling and testing, an experience that helped me to accept all humans with no discrimination of race, age, gender or religion. My studies and work aside, I have been able to enjoy many hobbies. My favourite being playing football and reading local novels. I also enjoy going to the gym which helps improve my self-esteem and motivates me in doing my work. At Cardiff University, I look forward to acquiring teaching and research competences. I also look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that will be opened to me as an international postgraduate student, both in work and leisure time. On successful completion of the programme, I aspire to contribute in the advancement of Nigerian higher education by teaching and engaging in research. I also intend to contribute my knowledge and skills to the growth of National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Abuja, Nigeria. And to become alumni of Cardiff University is a lifetime experience I am looking forward to. I believe my desire and motivation, academic achievement, financial circumstance, community service and experiences make me an ideal candidate for this scholarship. However, I intend to source for a student loan and also combine studies with work to be able to fund the remainder of my studies in case I am not granted a full scholarship. It will be a dream-come-true should I be granted a full scholarship by Cardiff University to progress my career in this direction.