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    Marshall:Barney, how do I get these idiots to leave me alone?

    Barney:Marshall, consider the penguins.

    Marshall:The penguins?

    Barney:On the wall.

    Marshall:"Conformity. It's the one who's different that gets left
    out in the cold." This is a motivational poster?

    Barney:Look at yourself, Marshall. You're not happy. And you know why?
    Because you're different. Now, I suppose you could learn to love yourself for
    the unique little snowflake that you are,
    or... you could change your entire
    personality, which is just so much easier.

    I can't understand why Barney says snowflake here...and what does "suppose" mean in this saying?

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    Re: snowflake?

    Snowflakes are supposed to be unique -- no two look exactly alike. The exact opposite of the penguins in the poster, who all look the same.

    "Suppose" means that he thinks it is possible.

    Suppose | Define Suppose at


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