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Thread: peer pressure

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    peer pressure

    Lily: Change your personality? That is so awful, and not at all motivational.
    Marshall: Not necessarily. Okay, at first, I was appalled, but then I realized it's just like Dr. Aurelia Birnholz-Vasquez in Life Among the Gorillas. I have to gain the acceptance of the herd by behaving exactly like one of them. It's an anthropological study. Isn't that cool?
    Lily: It sounds kinda like peer pressure.
    Marshall: No, no, no. It's totally anthropological and it's cool and I'm doing it.
    Lily: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's peer pressure. We have an assembly every year.
    Marshall: I'm portraying someone who succumbs to peer pressure.

    What does assembly and Marshall's saying mean here?
    Why is he portraying someone who succumbs to peer pressure?
    I can't understand....
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    Re: peer pressure

    It is typical in schools to have assemblies in order to teach various lessons. Marshall is saying that he understands all about peer pressure because they had an assembly in school every year about its dangers.

    In this episode, he is acting like his new work peers. Lily is telling him he is succumbing to peer pressure, but he is saying he is aware he is doing it, so he is in fact only "portraying" (acting) like someone who is being influenced by peer pressure.

    As we later learn, Marshall is fooling himself.

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