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    receives less structure and adult guidance

    Does this "structure" mean "structure guidance and adult guidance" or separate "structure" from "adult guidance"? What "structure" does it mean? Like adjusting to formal things?

    ex)Some developmental experts argue that the effects of parents, family, and childhood become nearly lost as the adolescent peer group gains influence. In American society, the adolescent encounters new values, receives less structure and adult guidance, and feels a strong need for peer acceptance. As a result, adolescent report spending more than four times as much time talking to peers as to adults...

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    Re: receives less structure and adult guidance

    I think it just means that as kids get older, there is less routine in their lives. When we are small children, everything we do is dictated by our parents/teachers. They decide when we get up, what clothes we wear, when we shower, which school we go to, what activities we do. As we reach adolescence, that happens less and less. We become more independent and our peer group has far more influence. The "structure" which surrounded us for many years before (get up, school, homework, dinner, bath, bed, for example) is less common and less enforced. We start to make our own decisions based on our own feelings, opinions and emotions (and those of our peer group). We might not come straight home from school some days, preferring to go out with our friends. We might spend weekends shopping with our girlfriends and then bowling in the evening, instead of going to the park with our parents for the afternoon and then, as usual, home for dinner, bath, bed.

    I would separate "structure" from "adult guidance", even though most of the structure has been dictated by adults. "Structure guidance" is also an unnatural term.

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