Hello peoples
A friend asked me to write a report about motor failure to give it to his manager and to explain to him what has happened and i am posting what i wrote to check if my English grammar is right or wrong.

Motor failure report

Before preparing the motor for running, It had been checked and tested the motor conditions and measured the current and voltage ratings and found out that all the tests, were properly good. After that the motor installed
and started up the compressor and everything were in good conditions and measured the current drawn by motor
through each phase of 3-Phases and found up, the measurements are O.K. and the motor works properly with no noise with smoothing running and all that noticed by the supervisors and assistants at the time of installing and running the motor and compressor.
The work day ended with no complaints. In the next day, it were informed me (by someone) that the compressor
had got a problem. i made some checking on the motor wiring, i found that the phase had got short circuit, were not connected to one of the contacts of the contactor, and the motor drawn more current than the rated it should be, and the overload did not disconnect. so for that reason the motor got failure.