Parents in over the world want spend the best things for their children. And, choosing jobs for children is also the important thing because that occupation will follow whole their life. Have you ever faced up with the difficulty of choosing the career? We should choose jobs that like to our parent’s jobs or not? In my opinion, I don’t agree with this statement.
First, need to choose the job that children like. They maybe don’t like their parent’s jobs. Many people are not careful in choosing their future job. They just want to please their parents. As a result, they can keep that job a long time. They don’t love it so it is easy for them to give up once they have some difficulties.
Second, have to know children’s ability clearly. There is no scientific evidence that proved the jobs which suitable with parents will suitable with their children. If the job is over their ability, it is better to choose another job. If we let them follow that job, they will have to suffer the heavy pressure. Even, they can not complete their dream.
Finally, try to catch the trend of the opportunity. They need to define which career will need when their children graduate. This is the most important thing. Nowadays, more and more unemployed because their job don’t appropriate with society’s demand.
The career is very important for every people. It not only make people earn money but also make them enjoy their lives. It is my own opinion, I hope to help you choose a perfect jobs for your self.