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    Test? Credit? Exam?

    Hello everyone.

    again I am having trouble with academic vocabulay. In my country we have two types of testing student's knowledge at the end of term: a so called "zachet" (similar to an exam, the only difference often is that students are not given marks for it, just a note "passed" in their record-book, one has to have such "zachets" for some subjects which are not to be taken as exams this particular term, e.g. a "zachet" in Phisical Education or a "zachet" in German) and an exam (without passing all one's "zachets" one is not allowed to take exams).

    My question is: What English word(s) best describe(s) the word "zachet"?

    Thanks in advance )

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    Re: Test? Credit? Exam?

    I think I'd call it a test or assessment.
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