Orientation weekend for new students

I have been requested to sumbit a report with regard to the most suitable/ appropriate timetable for the event.Additionally, informal events and leisure possibilities have been presented ( please, a synonim here).

It would be helpful to students to be told about college regulations Saturday morning immediately after breakfast - this would be an ideal way to start the orientation weekend.Next,at 1 or 2 o'clock it would be of great benefit to students if we present the library and the basic steps needed to be taken for a memeber's card. You might alos like to consider to show students our Sports Hall as I received some requests these point of interest.These could be done late afternoon and then,in the evening we could hold here a disco where students could meet their teachers and fellow students in a relax atmosphere.

It might be a good idea to start the day with a short but informative itroduction on our computer room so students could see how well equiped is our college.These could take place early in the morning and then it would be advisable to present our research center, and briefly its field of studies - we could start with the Earth sciences laboratory.Next, early ( synonim??) in the afternoon it would be preferable to set up an exhibition in the Main Hall with information stands of all college clubs.

I trust that you will consider the above proposal, as I firmly believe that is the most suitable schedule for the orientation weekend held at the beginning of the next academic year.I would be glad to explain my ideas in detail if required.