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I need to correct my text about the film Godfather. I want to request you to proofread my text, please. I know that it is quite long, but if you even correct only small part I would be happy.

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It is the american film from the 1972. The length of the film is 175 minutes. The story is based on the same name book from Maria Puza. The film is about mafian family Corleone, which is ruled by the head of the family Vito Corleone. The film show us the criminality in the USA after second world war and the relationships between the mafian families. It shows life-story the Corleones, which is fill up of organization crime like a hazard, prostitution and intimidation.

The plot begins at Connieīs wedding. There is a man, who wants to revenge for his daughter. She was hurt by some guys. Don comply with manīs request. Johny Fontane is the other man, who wants something after Vito. Concretly, He wants to get a role in the film and Don should satisfy his request. Don agree. Michael turn up at the wedding with his girfriend Katy. He returned back from the war.

Tom Hagens goes to film producer because of request of Fontane, but film producer doesnīt want to cast him in his new film. Tom Hagen decides to kill one of the favourited horse like persuasive action. He cuts horseīs head off and subsequently he puts the head into the bed of producer. Next day the Corleone gets the message that the Fontane will be casted in the film.

The Sollozzo, head of the other mafian family, wants to deal with narcotic. He knows that Vito Corleone with his influence can protect his drug business, but Vito refuses his offer. Santino made mistake because he expresses the disapproval. This way Sollozzo realizes that Santino would agree with the offer. Mafian family Tattaglia (from which is Sollozo) decides to murder Vito Corleone. The head of Corleonīs family miraciously stay alive, but has a huge injuries. He is hospitalized.

Luca Brasi, who works for Corleons, is sended to Tattaglia to investigate situation, but he is murdered because Tattaglias realize that he is a spy. Don Corleone is in the dangerous, because Tattaglias want to kill him again. Michael Corleone protect his father, but he is hurted by police captian. His name is McCluskey, who is bribed by Sollozzo. Michal to this moment did not want to be involved in the family business, but he changes opinion now. He arrenges appointment with Sollozzo and McCluskey in the restaurant, where both kills. It starts war between all five mafian family.

Michael must to run away from New York to Italia because of dangerous threaten from other mafian families. He falls in love with girl there, but she is murdered. Meanwhile, Sonny is murdered by Tattaglias when he is on the way to the Carlos, who beats Connie. The youngest son comes home from Sicily. Vito Corleone recovers, but he is weak and subsequently dies of a heart attack.

Michael is at the christening Connieīs son and he is godfather of her baby. Meanwhile people, who works for Corleones family, kills the heads of mafian families. After christening Michael kills Carlos, because he knows that Carlos is traitor. In fact, Carlos helped with murder Sonny. Tessio is another traitor and he is killed too, Michael becomes new godfather and head of Corleons mafian family.
In my opinion, it is one of the best film ever made. The story of mafian families in the times of prohibiton is really exciting and thrilling. The character of Vito Corleone is without dout the best charackter in the whole film. He was portrayed by Marlon Brando and I think that it was right his actorīs performance, which produce cult character Vito Corleone. I like these types of films and this is masterpiece, so it means that I highly reccomend to watch the film.