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    [Tenses] was + <adjective> vs. continous

    Consider the continuous tense:

    I eat
    I am eating (continuous present)
    I was eating (continuous past)

    My question is this: What is the name of the tense in "I was tired". Simple past ?

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    Yes, that is simple past. :D

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    Re: [Tenses] was + <adjective> vs. continous

    I was tired.
    'was' [simple past verb]
    'tired' [past participle, function: adjective].

    The cat was eating.
    'was' [simple past verb]
    'eating' [present participle, function: progressive verb form]

    The cat was eaten.
    'was' [simple past verb]
    'eaten' [past participle, function: passive verb form]


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