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    Completing text with words exercise

    Could you please hel me with a correction of an open cloze exercise ?

    Flashmobbing is the latest craze to hit Europe from
    the United States. Seemingly spontaneous crowds are
    created by calling people via the internet to do something
    unexpected, (1)
    by lying down on the floor for a
    period, and then disappearing as quickly as they arrived.
    Europe’s first flashmob took (2) place
    in Rome when people went to a shop and asked staff
    (3) for books that did not exist. The latest New
    York flashmob caused consternation in a toy store
    (4) for flash mobsters gathered recently.
    Participants (5) were told to stare at the store’s
    giant animatronic dinosaur for three minutes then fall to
    their knees and react to (6) the roars by moaning
    (7) in four minutes. But panicked staff quickly
    shut off the dinosaur and called the police (8) for a minute into the mass-moaning. (9) The June
    flashmobs have sprung up in around 40 locations and one
    seems to be taking place (10) __________ in the world
    every few days. But some hope (11) that craze
    could die out as (12) __________ as it started thanks to the
    over-interested media and over-reaction by the police.

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    Re: Completing text with words exercise

    Check 4, 7, 8, & 11.

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