My question is: how is it look?

Last summer, we decided, by „we” I mean myself and my friends: Jacek, Maciek and Placek, to take a journey around
Southeast Europe. Before we used to go at the sea or in the mountains, but that time instead of boring vacation we wanted to see something more, know other cultures et cetera... The journey plan included places that should be called oblivious, we chose them because of stunning and, as we heard, unforgettable landscapes. One of those places was Slovakia and neighbourhood of its capital city - Bratislava.
It all started to getting complicated when we’d decided to visit a city as well. The weather wasn’t good, sky was pretty far of being blue, and there was a highly dense fog in the air. It was creating a specific atmosphere, so we went to the city without bothering about circumstances. As soon as we realized that in this fog we did not know where we were, we started to looking for way back to our car. Situation begun to being tensed. Maybe if we had remember where our car is, we would’ve been more relaxed.
Suddenly we went into narrow old-fashioned street and saw group of police officers. When we’d started to talking them, we didn’t know that they couldn’t speak English or Polish. Unfortunately neither I nor one of my friends knows Slovakian. “We might as well be speechless, it wouldn’t make any difference, isn’t it?” Jacek said.
In that particular moment our “miracle” had come. It was a little, blonde boy, around ten years old, who went out from a fog and said “I can help you. If you’re about to get out of here, you’ll be lost in no time and probably don’t find your car until the fog disappear. You might as well stay here. But I can make you be understood in front of police officers.”. Clearly, it was ambivalent attitude. Not only did he seems familiar, but also scary, “Where did he get those information about our car, moreover he appeared from nowhere...”. When I was thinking about that he said, “Did I scare you? Sorry. I followed you for a while, that’s why I know about your car and situation. Would you like me to help you now?”
Thanks to him police officers helped us to find our car location. One lesson I get from that adventure is that to “Don't judge book by its cover”.