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Thread: commitment?

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    Question commitment?

    Even though I looked up the dictionary, still the meaning of commitment is not clear in the following sentnece.

    Those who had made a personal psychological commitment not only were less hungry,but they also showed a smaller increase in free fatty acid levels.

    Another questions is about mindful and mindless, such as
    even when a disease may appear to progress inexrably, our reaction to it can be mindful or mindless and thus influence its effect. here what mindful and mindless means exactly?

    lastly, what does the following sentence mean?
    By interpreting the context, they might avoid the unnessary failure attributable to fear alone.

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    Re: commitment?

    Hello B.

    Let's say this relates to a diet. A possible paraphrase would then be:

    1. Those who had resolved to comply with the diet were not only...

    2. If your reaction to X is "mindful", you think about your reaction to X, and perhaps modify your behaviour accordingly. If it's "mindless", you don't: you simply react. In the context of "disease", "active" and "passive" might mean much the same.

    3. Fear alone can make you fail. If you fail only because of fear, it's possible that the failure is unnecessary. Understanding the context of something may eliminate fear. You may then be in a position to succeed.

    Does that help?


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    Re: commitment?

    The posted text is about the influence of the psychological attitude on people's helath. Even though your answer was helpful, I still have questions about the first and last sentence. Can anybody be more specific?

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    Re: commitment?

    1- commitment- you subscribe fully to the process mentally- you are determined
    2- I agree with MrP- you either think carefully about it and try to improve thigs or ignore it

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    Talking Re: commitment?

    Thanks Todol. Your answer is always a great help for me.

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