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    You have had a a class discussion on whether technology has really improved the quality of our lives. Now your teacher has asked you to write an essay on the subject of "Technology - is it a good or a bad thing?". You should think about communication, travel and home life.

    Write your essay.

    It is widely considered that technology is good for humankind. It helps to make our lives easier and comfortable. But are there only positive aspects of technological advancement?
    In the past centuries people lived in small communities. They travelled small distances, mainly on foot or horses. They were communicating directly, speaking face to face. There were also some more sophisticated forms of communication. For example people used drums or fire signs to convey important messages like danger or wars. But these were only exceptions confirming the rule. The Twentieth century has brought us enormous changes in terms of communication and travel. There is widespread use of cars, trains and planes. One can reach any place in the world within hours. Messages are passed even faster. You can talk directly to people around the globe, send documents via internet on the spot.
    On the other hand there is home life where technology changed our lives completely. We use electronic devices, television, computers. They caused we perform our every day activities very quickly. One would think that thanks to the time saved, the bond between family members would be better, people would be closer to each other. In fact there is quite the opposite. We don't talk to each other, people are alienated, focused on their own problems - generated ironically by technology. People watching TV, exploring the net but not really talking to their sons and daughters are not rare. Is it really what we want?
    For me technology is a great achievement and opportunity of human mind. It is created to help us but we should keep the balance.
    This is only a tool to devote our time for better purposes, like hobbies, spending time with your family. Let's not forget about it.

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    I'm afraid I don't have the time do look at your whole essay but I would like to point out several errors in your title. You put:

    Please asess it - I'm during preperations fo CAE exam.

    Each word I have underlined has an error. It should read "Please assess it - I'm in the middle of my preparation for the CAE exam."

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