You have returned from an English-speaking country where you followed a combined English course and adventure holiday. You enjoyed this, but a fellow participant sent a letter to the local newspaper complaining about the holiday company. Using the extract from their letter and the customer satisfaction questionnaire you completed, write a letter to the newspaper editor explaining your reaction and outlining your point of viwe, giving reasons for your opinion.

Fellow particiant opinion:
The whole trip was typical of the modern money-grabbing culture! The accomodiation was basic and averpriced, without any food available. I didn't learn any English because the teachers just wanted to have fun, and the adventure activities I did were rock climbing and walking which I could have done at home. All in all, I felt the company exploited me, and should be exposed.

Accomodiation - clean with everything necessary Food - good to go to restaurants to meet people and speak English English course - fantastic, relaxed teachers - easy to learn Adventure sports - great choice of indoor and outdoor activities Overall - made new friends. Fantastic experience.

Write your letter to the newspaper editor. You do not need to include postal addresses.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I write to your to outline my opinion about an English course and adventure holiday in one, I was a participant of last month. I don't agree with the negative picture of it presented in your newspaper by my fellow colleague.
First of all it appears to me that the person who complained about the accomodiation, name him John, was walking on the Moon. Maybe he is used to five star hotels and complaints all the time. For me the room was clean and tidy with all the necessities in place. The food was delicious and we were also able to go to the restaurants. Unlike John, I had a constant contact with English language which was both during classes or sports activities. The teachers were very professional, clearly explained difficult issues. I don't agree with John about the quality activities. I have enjoyed them very much. There were plenty of them, very entertaining, enabling us to relax after hard hours of learning.
Just to sume up, I did truely enjoy the event. It was better than I expeted. Not only did I improve my English skills but also had a great fun of it. I think that John had expected too much, maybe he used to have fabulous standards and maybe he is just a mere complainer. All in all I think that he made an unfair judgement.

Best regards,