I have seen several posts recently whose authors had trouble searching the site for certain words. The site's search feature doesn't allow searching for the most common words, which is problematic on a language site -- the most common words are often the most confusing ones.

This problem can be solved by using Google's "site" operator. Typing

site:usingenglish.com "would"

in the Google search box gives us the UE pages containing the word "would", which is impossible to search for via the UE search box. It also allows one to perform many searches within a short period of time as, unlike UE, Google doesn't force the user to wait 20 seconds between searches.

The UE Advanced Search is still very useful most of the time. It's much easier to set site-specific search parameters there. However, Google has some options too, some of which are unavailable on UE as far as I know. I may be wrong, but I think that it's impossible to search for an entire phrase on UE, while Google provides the very useful quotation marks feature.

I'm posting this for two reasons. First, I would like to let other members know about this option. I've been using it with success for some time. Second, I want to ask if it would be possible to have a Google search option available on this site. I've seen it on other forums and it seems to work very well. Most of them make it very basic: they just append "site:X" at the beginning of the phrase. I think it could be useful to have the "daterange" operator available as well. It is not perfectly reliable because the dates it uses are the dates of indexing the content by Google, not publishing the content on the internet. But I have noticed that UE content is indexed very quickly. It would also require the UE to use a built-in or external date format converter. Many other features could perhaps be added. This just an idea.